Interior Division

Design Services:
KEENEYE has a Projects Department employing fully qualified Interior Designers and CAD operators who can offer experienced consulting in space planning and management. We can develop solution to meet discrete requirements.
Installation Services:
KEENEYE L.L.C. offers a variety of technical support services. We have a full time experienced installation team. Our Installation staff is familiar with on site conditions and is able to build from working drawings and prepare programs for delivery and installation.

Our Services Includes:

Computer Aided Design:
All the activity can be managed by Keen Eye’s Computer Aided Design System. Keen Eye employs the latest AutoCAD, 3D studio MAX and Adobe Photoshop Software’s for Design, Presentation and Specification.
Installationtechnical support :
Post KEENEYE employs full time in-house Installation specialists. We offer a variety of technical support services, including maintenance warranty and minor additional requirements even after project handover.